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The TCCA (TETRA and Critical Communications Association), was established in December 1994 (known then as the TETRA MoU Association) to create a forum to act on behalf of all parties interested in TETRA technology, representing users, manufacturers, application providers, integrators, operators, test houses and telecom agencies.

Today the TCCA represents more than 160 organisations from all continents of the world, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment. The TCCA believes in the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide through the use of common standards and harmonised spectrum. The TCCA continues to support and promote the use of TETRA technology and is driving industry synergy in the development of future mobile broadband capability for the users and providers of critical communications.

The TCCA is a Limited Company and is registered in the United Kingdom. It is governed by UK Law and, as such, is required to have two legal documents in place. The first is the Memorandum of Association which describes the purpose and principles of the Association.

The second legal document constitutes the Articles of Association. This is a set of legally binding rules and procedures that have been agreed by the Members and which the Board and Chief Executive follow when conducting the business of the Company. The documents are available to members here.

Organisations or individuals that wish to join the TCCA can do so by downloading and completing an application form and sending this to the Association's membership department. Full details and the forms can be found on the How to join page.

The TCCA comprises an Executive Board, which directs the Association’s many activities. Within the TCCA there are also a number of groups that have been formed to specifically support the TCCA’s objectives.

These include:

Apps Working Group
Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) and associated sub-groups
Marketing Group
Operators and Users Forum (OUA)
Radio Spectrum Group<
SCADA, Smart Grid and Telemetry Group
Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG)
SME Forum
Technical Forum (TF) and associated sub-group
Transportation Working Group

TETRA Industry Group (TIG) (external group)

The TCCA works closely with those that are responsible for the development of standards relating to Critical Mobile Communications. These include ETSI, the European Standards Development Organisation, and 3GPP who develop and maintain standards for public mobile Networks.

Detailed descriptions of each group's activities can be found in the Membership brochure available on the How to join page.

At the AGM each year the Board produces the Annual Report. This is available to TCCA members.

Our membership fees are based upon the type of business in which you are engaged and fall into the six categories shown below. Should you wish to join our Association please send a completed application form to our Administration office at the address below and we will invoice you accordingly. These fees are effective from the 1st January each year.

  • Category 1 - Technical Member €7,500 per annum, which includes:
    Manufacturers, commercial operators and Certification Body
  • Category 2 - General Member €3,150 per annum, which includes:
    Peripheral equipment and other manufacturers, other test houses, integrators, consultants and application providers
  • Category 3 - Government Operators €2,500 per annum, which includes:
    Government owned network operators
  • Category 4 - User Member €630 per annum, which includes:
    User organisations, other government organisations, single industry professionals and TETRA Interest Groups.
  • Category 5 - Partner Member €500 per annum, which includes:
    Partners and sub-contractors of current Members
  • Category 6 - TETRA Forums – please contact us for further information.

The membership fee will be calculated from the beginning of the quarter year in which the application is submitted. Should you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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