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Wray Castle is empowering emergency services, government agencies and defence organisations to make key decisions on the design of critical communication systems.

We provide training on LTE and TETRA technologies, as well as generic radio engineering disciplines.

We have a proven track record of delivering training to these sectors globally, establishing ourselves as the preferred training provider of the TCCA.

A short summary of courses of significant interest is shown below.  Detail on all of our courses can be found at www.wraycastle.com.

If you would like to discuss your training needs, please contact:
Georgie Brasher
Email: gbrasher@wraycastle.com
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TETRA System Overview (2 days) - a solid grounding in the architecture of a TETRA network through discussion of trunking principles, service aspects, network planning and the TETRA radio interface.

TETRA Air Interface (2 days) - a detailed description of the key aspects of the radio link between a TETRA mobile and a TETRA base station.

TETRA Security (1 day) - provides TETRA design, specification and system engineers with the skills to plan and configure the security services available on TETRA networks.

TETRA System Design (2 days) - equips delegates with the knowledge to plan and configure TETRA networks.


LTE Engineering Overview (2 days) - provides a technical introduction to the complete LTE/LTE-Advanced system.

LTE Security (0.5 day) - provides a detailed overview of the LTE AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement) procedures and the provisions for non-access stratum, access stratum, access network and core network security.

LTE Quality of Service (1 day) - concentrates on the two main areas of an LTE network in which QoS is applied – the end-to-end EPS Bearer and the underlying TNL (Transport Network Layer).

LTE Voice Options and Operations (3 days) - provides a detailed overview of the available methods of offering a voice service via LTE.


Introduction to Radio (1 day) - how the radio spectrum is managed, the systems that use spectrum and the technical matters relating to the design of radio systems.

Radio Principles (3 days) - how radio works and how this impacts manufacturers, users and operators of radio technology.

Radio System Design (3 days) - the essential information and practical skills needed to design mobile and fixed radio systems.

Principles of Radio Site Engineering (2 days) - designed specifically for those involved in radio site acquisition, planning and build.


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