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The TCCA is the front line force that promotes and develops TETRA and future critical communications solutions worldwide. With TETRA networks already deployed in all continents, serving all Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) markets, the success of TETRA is self-evident. As an existing or potential investor in TETRA your future probably depends on this success continuing.

The TCCA provides the central role in the development and enhancement of the TETRA standard, and of future critical communications solutions. It advises and informs you and your potential customers around the world. It promotes the TETRA standard to countries and their governments. The TCCA is truly influencing the critical communications world.

As a member of the TCCA you have the opportunity to be part of this success, to be heard at the highest levels of influence and to participate with all the other member organisations who together are determining the future of critical communications.

If your company needs information there's no faster way to get it and be assured that it is accurate.

If your organisation is contemplating using TETRA, then join now. If your organisation wants to influence the future of critical communications, then join now. There is no better way to talk with other users and influence the communications industry to produce the products and services you need.

Only by working together can we continue to make the difference that creates success for our members.

Read the brochure to see the benefits of TCCA membership:

Download Membership Brochure

Access to knowledge and information

Members of the TCCA are invited to participate in the numerous working groups within the Association, for example:

Technical Forum (TF)

Manages the preparation of TETRA Interoperability Profiles (TIPs) 

  • Interfaces with the Operator User Association to define the market priorities for TIP standardisation
  • Interfaces to ETSI for Standards maintenance
  • Oversees the TETRA Interoperability Testing and Certification Process
  • Provides a forum for technical knowledge exchange

Operator User Association (OUA)

Provides a forum for knowledge exchange between Operators and Users of TETRA systems

  • Prepares input to Technical Forum for establishing priorities of TIP work

 Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG)

 Prepares and manages recommendations on use of encryption in TETRA networks

 Access to restricted technical information

  • By participating in any of the above groups or having access to the Members only area of the TCCA website. Members gain early access to new technical documents and participate in their Member Enquiry stages to express their views prior to publication

TCCA website

  • Access restricted technical and marketing information and reports with a unique username and password in the Members only area
  • Access presentations in the Members only area for use in your own marketing activities
  • Post your press releases on the TCCA website for the world to access
  • Be listed as a Member on the website with a reference to your major areas of work

Access to Unique TETRA Branding

  • Only Members of the TCCA have access to and use of the instantly recognised and unique TETRA logo and brand image

Involvement in TETRA Market development

  • The TCCA has produced a number of Seminars in new market areas promoting the benefits and adoption sf TETRA. As a Member you are invited to participate in such events and become recognised in these new areas as part of the global TETRA community
  • Receive bulk copies of TETRA Today magazine for use in your own internal and external marketing activities

Involvement in the ongoing business of the TCCA

  • The TCCA is a membership organisation and as a Member you participate in the management and future strategies of the Association and thus influence the future of TETRA and critical communications
  • As a Member you will join more than 160 other like-minded organisations globally whose success is dependent upon TETRA

Membership Application

To join the TCCA, please complete the application form, return it to our Secretariat at the address below and we will be pleased to consider your application.

Send to:
14 Blandford Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne


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