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Downloadable TETRA EMF/Health leaflets and documents

TETRA Industry Group leaflets
The TETRA Industry Group (TIG) has published several leaflets on the electromagnetic fields releated to TETRA equipment, the scientific research on possible effects of electromagnetic fields on human tissues and electromagnetic interference between equipment. The following leaflets are downloadable today (March 2007) from the TIG site:

TETRA Health & Safety - Overview (in English and Swedish + German translation of the text)
TETRA Base Stations (in English and Swedish)
TETRA Portable and Mobile Devices (in English and Swedish)
Science and Standards
Compatibility and Interference

Download TIG leaflets as pdf files via this link 

TETRA MoU Health Issue update - February 2004
The TETRA MOU Association welcomes new and additional research into any possible health effects resulting from the deployment of radio technology. Below is a short overview of a recently published UK report for the TETRA community's information:
A report titled 'Health Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields' was published by the UK National Radiological Protection Board in January 2004

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