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TETRA Association Congress Philippines 2011

Event Date: 11th Oct 2011

Venue: New World Makati City, Manila Hotel

Organiser: TETRA Association

The TETRA Association returned to Asia with a triple bill of conferences and exhibitions. The first event was in Makati City, Manila followed by equally sucessful events in Bangkok and Jakarta.

All cities were welcoming hosts, and the events proved popular with visitors looking to find out more about TETRA technology.

Delegate feedback highlighted the importance of an informatiove exhibition and detailed presentations packaged in a one-day "local" event.

Presentations are now available for download.


TETRA update - Roger Dowling

TETRA applications including energy saving, analogue gateways and video - Paul Ward

Optimising TETRA for SCADA and Telemetry - Michael Piciorgros

How TETRA can improve processes and workflows in organisations -
Michael Pampel

Metro case study - Mark Wood

TETRA for Transport - Peter Clemons

Using data with TETRA - Adrian Meredith

TETRA for the government and industrial markets - Robin Llmas

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