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TETRA Association Congress India

Event Date: 10th Nov 2011

Venue: The Oberoi New Delhi

Organiser: TETRA Association

The TETRA Association would like to thank all participants who made this event in New Delhi a great success. 

This event was the last TETRA Association Congress for this Year but we are already planning new events for you next year.

Don't miss your opportunity to meet and network with the TETRA Community in 2012.

The presentations are now available for download:


A TETRA update - Roger Dowling

Architecture of a true TETRA IP System - Oliver Werning

Rapid deployment Solutions for TETRA - Animesh Basu

TETRA services and applications - Ole Arrhenius

The expectations of India Law Enforcement Agencies from TETRA technology -
Sanjay Sahay

Bringing PUblic Safety communictions to the next generation - Tapan Paul

Integrating TETRA with signalling and other systems for Metro Rail: Consort Digital -
Rajiv Mangala

TETRA applications - Paul Ward

Using TETRA for data - Satya Kommanapalli

TETRA for mission critical enterprise markets - Raghav Chaudhari

Case Study of TETRA in Indian Industrial Sector - Devdarsh Jain

Telemetry, SCADA and Telecontrol using TETRA infrastructure - Marko Jakobs

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