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TETRA Association Congress US 2011

Event Date: 8th Sept 2011

Venue: Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa

Organiser: TETRA Association

The second half of the TETRA Association 2011 events schedule began in style, with a triple bill of conferences and exhibitions in South America.  The first event was in Brasilia, and this was followed by equally successful congresses in Mexico City and Fort Worth.

All cities were welcoming hosts, and the events proved popular with visitors looking to find out more about TETRA technology. An informative exhibition and detailed presentations on the benefits of TETRA in a variety of market sectors ensured that the events delivered maximum value to delegates.

Delegate feedback highlighted the welcome opportunities to network with TETRA users and to see a range of manufacturers’ products and services.


Presentations are now available for download.

TETRA. How did we get here? - Peter Clemons

TETRA success stories - Francesco Pasquali

TETRA Terminals and Product Compliance (IOP) - Roger Dowling

TETRA Applications - Paul Ward

Telemetry, SCADA and Telecontrol using TETRA infrastructure - 
Michael Piciorgros

Why TETRA? - Duncan Swan

Softswitch - the ultimate TETRA system architecture - Bert Bouwers

Green Bay TETRA Pilot - Christian Reynolds

Customer Business Applications - Kevin Graham

Engineering large-scale TETRA networks - Dirk Bernhardt

Leverage PMR from voice to data with data applications - Hannu Aronsson

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