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TETRA for North America workshop

Event Date: Tuesday 21st February 2012

Venue: International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) Las Vegas, US

Organiser: Penton Media and TCCA

The TETRA for North America workshop was presented by Members of the TETRA and Critical Commuincations Association and has shown, through the use of case studies, how TETRA has been successfully deployed in a number of sectors around the world.

The presentations are available for download now:

Welcome - Phil Godfrey

TETRA in North America - Peter Clemons

TETRA for utilities and other sectors - Francesco Pasquali

TETRA offshore wind park complex - Robert Jastram

Integration of TETRA into customer workflow. An airport case study - Bernhard Klinger

TETRA data - Hannu Aronsson

TETRA in the Metro - Louise Falster-Hansen

SCADA - Michael Piciorgros

How users obtain Business Benefits with Applications that reside within their TETRA terminals - Peter Hudson

Shared networks - Roy McClellan

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