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TETRA in Taiwan

Event Date: 4th March 2014

Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

Organiser: TCCA

The TCCA will be organising a conference and exhibition at the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Its first in Taiwan.

Hear from some of the leading TETRA manufacturers and from existing TETRA users. If you are serious about critical communications then you will need to visit this event. 

It is followed by a similar event in Manila, the Phillipines on the 6th March 2014.



Programme and Presentations







9.00 am


Meet the exhibitors





10.00 am

TETRA remains the best choice

Phil Kidner




10.30 am

TETRA data and the evolution to broadband

Ole Arrhenius




11.00 am

TETRA solutions for rapid deployment

Not available




11.30 am

Hytera TETRA Product Strategy

MK Wong




12.00 pm


Meet the exhibitors





12.30 pm

The TETRA success story with THSR

Vincent Chen




1.00 pm

TETRA SCADA and Special Solutions

Michael Piciorgros




1.30 pm

TETRA in Taiwan

Phil Kidner




2.00 pm


Meet the exhibitors


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