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The TETRA Radio System - A Technical and Design Planning Perspective

Event Date: 30th April and 1st May 2013

Venue: University of New Hampshire

Organiser: NATF and CID Lab University of New Hampshire

CID Lab at UNH is hosting a technical design seminar presented by NATF (North American TETRA Forum).

The event is a two day technical seminar on Tetra radio systems design and planning:
- a technical description, how they are configured, the services provided,
- how to survey current and project future internal operations & radio communications needs,
- how to configure the TETRA system to fulfill those needs,
- and the infrastructure architecture. 

It is directed to telecommunications engineers at utilities, transportation, SMR operations and support engineering companies. The only prerequisite for this seminar is a familiarity of Land Mobile Radio system design and the desire to learn the essential technical aspects of the Tetra radio systems.  This is an unbiased, vender neutral course.

A NATF TETRA Engineering Design Certificate will be issued to those completing the seminar.

Registration includes the two day seminar, a breakfast buffet, a lunch deli buffet, and afternoon treats. Transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the attendee.

Registration fee is $220.00 usd and is non-refundable. To Register click on this link

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