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Signed manufacturers

Participating Manufacturers in IOP

The following manufacturers of TETRA core equipment have signed up to the Interoperability Rules of Engagement and may participate in any Interoperability (IOP) testing activity:


Airbus  Airbus Defence & Space
Apsi Asia Pacific Satellite-Communications Inc
Damm Damm Cellular System A/S
Eastcom Eastcom
Etelm Etelm SAS
Funkwerk Funkwerk Security Communications GmbH
Hytera CN Hytera Communication Co LTD (China)
Hytera DE Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH (Germany)
Motorola Motorola Solutions
Piciorgros Funk- Electronic Piciorgros GmbH 
Rohill Rohill Technologies B.V
Selex Selex Elsag S.p.a.
Sepura Sepura plc
Teltronic Teltronic S.A.U.
Thales FR Thales Communications & Security (France)
Thales UK Thales Secure Communications & Information Systems (UK)
Unimo Unimo Technology Co., Ltd

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