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IOP questions and clarifications


Q:      Has the CB a preference for l WILLTEK AIR ANALYZER log format?
A:      It was confirmed by CB that the preferred WILLTEK AIR ANALYZER is the “.res” format


Q:      Is it possible to use new version of the technical documents (TIPs, Test Plans, TIC-RTs) during a test session?
A:      No new document version should be used during the test session (except if everybody accept to use different versions


Q:      In which way can communication with CB be simplified during a test session?
A:     It is a recommendation for all to use appropriate and clear subject field. Subject should identify the session references; i.e. the purpose of the e-mail, SwMI/MS and test session name.

Q:      How shall the TIC-RTs be correctly stored.
A:     A useful user guide is available to help you in the correct use of TIC-RTs.  

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